TEFL in China 最新课程
4月15日 - 4月21日 武汉
4月15日 - 4月21日 成都-i2
4月16日 - 4月22日 上海




This training course satisfied/justified by the need to use language for successful interaction with students/members of another socio-cultural background. In this perspective, trainees develop awareness of the importance of contextualizing language by reference to its culture connotations.

I think the content in the training met my expectation and I’m grateful the trainers were very glad too. I’ve got some ideas from them to face new challenges. When it comes to the arrangement, I’m satisfied.

It’s very helpful for new teacher and even for the teacher who has been teaching for long time because of new ideas and teachers can share different experiences.

An effective training ground for foreign teachers that teaching English in China.Impressed training and activities.

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